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Thought-leadership content for today’s management and software consulting firm clients.

Today’s consulting firm clients aren’t just buying your services. They’re buying a relationship with your firm. And they want to know you’ll be a fit… before they call you.

The Internet has made the selection process easy… for your clients, anyway. If your firm’s web presence doesn’t demonstrate how your solutions apply to their problems, they will find one that does. 

So why not start building those relationships before your first meeting? Everything else flows from the “click” that occurs when a client realizes they’ve been looking for you all along.

And that’s where I specialize.

Trained by some of the biggest names in B2B online content, I help you shorten sales cycles with relationship-building thought leadership that highlights your firm’s brand.

You’ll find yourself getting invited to the table by companies that feel they know you already. And that means business.

Pleased to meet you!

Shakirah Dawud

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