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Working With Me

handshakeFor every project, you get two guarantees:

On-time delivery. 

I’m always very careful to build in enough time to complete a high-quality project for you at the start. If you have a very tight deadline, let me know. If there’s enough time for you to get the best possible results from me, I will take it on, and your investment will reflect the expedited completion. Otherwise, I am happy to recommend another writer.

Your satisfaction.

This is why I offer 30 days of revisions even after the final project submission. I will ensure your customers love it, but that means nothing if you don’t. I note and track your feedback for future projects, too.

Getting started

Let’s talk about how you can start getting the kind of content your consulting firm needs to bring in more business. It’s actually very simple. It’s also affordable, since I’m a freelancer with a lower overhead than even the smaller marketing agencies out there. First, you’ll need to:

1. Contact me.

When you inquire about my services by email or by phone, I will answer all the questions I can within 24 hours. If you like what you hear, we’ll set up a I’ll send you a short project questionnaire, customized for your situation. My clients have always found it useful for clarifying what they’re aiming for (goals) and how that fits with what they’re looking for (the project).

You’ll be able to answer a lot of the questions yourself. Some we’ll answer together. Still others may need to be left unanswered for the time being. That’s okay, and it naturally leads to the next step.

2. 30-Minute Consultation.

When I get the project questionnaire back from you, we’ll set up a consultation to talk about the project in more detail, answering any remaining questions we can. Then I’ll send you a proposal outlining the project details, timeline, and payment schedule, and send it to you to accept.

3. Agreement to terms.

I have worked with clients both with and without a contract. If there is no contract, all the details including your investment are always agreed to in writing, at least electronically by email.

After you’ve indicated your acceptance of the proposal, I will get started as soon as I receive your creative brief.

Calculating your investment.

You’ll usually be quoted a flat fee that covers everything from initial research to final revisions. It also comes with an agreed-upon time frame to completion. I’ve found it’s a motivator for me and an insurance for you. No surprise invoice totals!

There are only a few cases where I would quote an hourly range, usually when we don’t know the entire scope of the project or you’ll need me for a recurring project.

There is an initial 50% investment for projects over $500. For projects over a month long, the remainder is divided into payments every two weeks. Projects under $500 are paid in full upon completion.

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