Who Turned Out the Lights?After thoroughly enjoying and contributing to Erica Allison’s post a couple of weeks ago–which generously invited us professionals to share our stories so she could offer referrals with a more genuine understanding of who we are–I knew I would be bringing some version of it home. It was cemented by Spiro Pappadopoulos’s post yesterday about differentiating the one special thing your business does and selling on that. But I’ll make it three or more.

A silly little sing-and-sign verse was popular when I was little. It goes:

My hat, it has three corners.

Three corners has my hat.

And had it not three corners,

it would not be my hat.

Short. Sweet. And deep. Real deep, from the branding perspective. I know which hat is mine, and it’s a keeper. Three corners make it recognizable, special, and Property of Shakirah Dawud.

I invite you to share with me as many “corners” as you like–the ones that make your business yours and no one else’s. It could be location, aesthetic, personnel makeup, process, product, or any other quirk you never thought about until now–and love to death–about your business. Read those of others, too. I hope to uncover an aha! marketing or branding moment for you along the way, if you were looking for one. Otherwise, just have fun. I’d love to get to know your business better, and the little things create familiarity.

Here are my three:

  • The spicy-sweet energy zing of ginger tea with red zinger or lemon is the only thing this business runs on until around noon.
  • My sweet and rather unassuming family doubles as my top-secret 007 support weapon.
  • I write it all down and then type it all up.

What are yours? Remember, it doesn’t have to be just three.

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