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salve-a-terra--twitter_4251_1280x800Dear Shakirah,

I just looked at my old marketing plan and laughed out loud. You see, I’ve been tweeting. Ps and Cs… who needs ’em?

When I want people to visit my website, I just tweet a lot my own links.

When I want people to know about a sale, I tweet a lot of offers.

When I want people to know I’m a great source of information, I tweet a lot of resources.

When I want to build my brand, I tweet a lot of my own catchphrases.

If I want publicity, I have someone else tweet a lot.

Social media marketing saves me a whole lot of headache–let alone money! The way I see it, tweet and you shall receive.


Dear Twitterpated,

Yes, but.

Yes. Twitter allows for a lot of impulse-driven marketing. Yes, you can sell, you can position, you can drive traffic, you can get PR, you can reach short-term goals in a short period of time.

But. There’s more to marketing–even social media marketing–than 140 characters. If your business isn’t a short-term impulse, it’s necessary to recognize that tweeting in and of itself is not marketing. It’s simply a communication strategy.

Overthinking Twitter defeats the purpose of tweeting, if you ask me, so I’m not going to tell you to hone every tweet into a perfect nugget of gotta-have/connect/retweet. But if you notice your monthly Google Analytics or the length of your queue of sales leads hinge directly on your level of Twitter activity, you could be overestimating its power because you haven’t made the distinction above.

How are you making Twitter work for you, rather than the other way around?

 Thanks to Kemya Scott for the months-ago inspiration for this post.

Photo credit: Danilo Ramos, courtesy Flickr, CC 2.0.

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