I’m going to be honest and above-board about this: I don’t really know how to rank “best” posts. My blog is just a little over a year old, and readership has fluctuated throughout the year. So measuring a post’s performance by traffic or comments is probably going to be less of a yardstick and more of a random draw.

Besides, if I were to pick the posts I thought you thought were the best, half of you would disagree with half of them. So instead, I’ll just bring back some of the posts I enjoyed writing and some of the posts your feedback tells me you enjoyed reading. In chronological order, mostly.

  1. Who Are You And Why Should You Succeed? My very first “real” post, published when my blog was still new and ugly. You’ll also get a peek at my very first comment, which was… encouraging.
  2. Response To An Exclamation Point Addict This is serious and a very real addiction. I don’t know why people got such a kick out of it.
  3. The #1 Quality of All Successful Bloggers I wrote this to myself.
  4. Combatting Blog Envy Some call it the green-eyed monster. I call it a miserable waste of time.
  5. What Are Your Business’s 3 Corners? My favorite of all, really. Please share yours; I have plans for this post come 2012!
  6. Wordbite Series These are incredibly fun to write, and have garnered something of a following. Click to read them all!
  7. 5 Conversion-Making Website Changes You Can Make Right Now Finally, a really useful post! 
  8. Banishing The Sheer Terror Of The Niche C’mon, I’ll shine a light for you.
  9. Wordbite: Counselling Who And Whom The most popular of all the Wordbites so far.
  10. Don’t Tell Me You’re Passionate About Your Work A rant.


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