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Wait here until you are usefulI’ve said before that I believe the number one quality of every successful blogger is patience. But it’s hard, being patient. People equate patience with waiting, but that’s not what it is, not in blogging, anyway. And the difference is one that determines its success or failure.

It doesn’t matter how unique, how extreme, how eclectic, how well branded you are offline, how passionate–it takes time to traverse each level of the blogosphere to whatever spot you seek in your reader’s hearts and heads. There’s no getting around it. Although there are certainly factors that can help speed your journey, and others that can help you skip a level or two, this blogging business is still one defined in time and space.

It’s the “waiting” that gets most of us, I’d say. To all appearances we’re merrily churning out a few hundred words on a regular basis, week after week, month after month, and then–suddenly–we check out. Because inside, we’ve been waiting all this time.

Waiting without checking to see how much farther we’ve come, rather than how much farther we have to go.

Waiting without changing–or while changing too often to be taken seriously.

Waiting without asking for help.

It’s only a matter of time. One day we look up at the top of the heap once too often. And we get sick of waiting to get there.

But guess what? Your business isn’t going anywhere you don’t take it. As part of your business, your blog has to be taken–dragged, kicking and screaming sometimes–to where you want it to go.

Get there fast or slow, rough or smooth. Teleporting is not possible.

A business blog seeks reactions. But don’t forget the first part of the equation: “Every action has an equal and opposite.” If you’re not seeing the reaction you’d like, you’re not acting out its “equal and opposite.”

Take an uncomfortable look. Get closer than you’d like. Squeeze and prod. You can’t ride your blog like you do a bus or train, absently and with thoughts only on your destination. If you do, you might get someplace, but it won’t be a higher level of engagement that delivers… oh, yes, wait for it… the business you’re waiting for.

Photo credit: Matt Brown, courtesy of Flickr, CC 2.0.

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