spotlightYou probably don’t think it could possibly be all that fascinating, but I know it will be.

Remember all that passion keeping you from doing anything until your slogan was finalized?

Remember how painting the entire town with your company colors was doable with just a few thousand fliers and volunteers?

Remember the feeling when you got some press?

Remember when no one seemed to notice a thing… and then suddenly you were in business?

Remember when you just happened to be in the right place at the right time?

Remember how long it took (or how short)?

Remember the all-the-rage strategy that didn’t work for you?

You do remember, don’t you?

Well, I aim to make sure the world learns what you learned–and to correct a mistake I made when I started marketing my business online in earnest.

Last year I asked everyone in my blogging neighborhood to com share the three unique “corners” of their businesses. It was a take from Erica Allison’s earlier post inviting bloggers to share their business for referral juice. It was fun, I learned a bit more about the folks whose company I’d come to enjoy online with each new comment.

The mistake? The comments just sat there.

I hadn’t promised to do anything special, but–waaaaaay later–it occurred to me that I could have made it even more fun by giving everyone their own spotlight the way Erica did for all of us (thanks, Erica!). This time, I will.

Share the first lessons you learned about marketing your business in the comments and I’ll pick one to share every other Friday, with as much link love as you want.

So speak up! Whether you’re living your dream life or still struggling, the world needs learning from people who’ve been in their shoes.

(Oh, and I’d be happy to have you share your three corners, too!)

Photo credit: Bonnie Natko, courtesy Flickr, CC 2.0.

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