Friday Marketing Spotlight: Kemya Scott - Deliberate Ink

Kemya Scott of Phisco Marketing is a hard-working marketing strategist I’ve been glad to get to know over the past several months via Twitter and her blog. She knows her stuff and knows how to use it well, so I was excited when she shared one of her early marketing lessons at my invitation here.

One of the very first lessons I learned about marketing my business is simple: you never know where your next client will come from. I’ve attended personal affairs where I wouldn’t be thinking about business at all, and wouldn’t you know it some family friend starts asking what I do for a living, one discussion leads to another, and just like that, bam, I’m “on.”  So I learned that you are always in a position to market your business, and you better be ready to share your business at the drop of a dime. Sharing is more than handing out a business card, you have to talk about your business without sounding like a sleazy salesperson. It’s more than memorizing a scripted elevator pitch, it’s about having a genuine dialogue with someone who may or may not become your next client.

I’ve learned to apply the same lessons with digital marketing. Social media is networking on steroids – and the same rules apply. I never know where my next interaction will take me, but I’m always “on” online. I don’t sales pitch; I share information and provide solutions. I listen to what people talk about to figure out their hot buttons. I don’t post anything I wouldn’t want a client to see, and I treat my online interactions as though my past, present and future clients will see every word. That next client is always lurking in the background, and I want to be sure they form the right impression of me!

Behind-the-scenes marketing advice from a marketer–it doesn’t get any better, except that today’s Follow Friday! I’ve never regretted following MissKemya on Twitter, so I hope you’ll follow her, too.

And please–go ahead and share your own marketing lessons in the comments for a spotlight of your own!

Photo credit: Katherine Pangaro, courtesy Flickr, CC 2.0.

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