When Ameena Falchetto arrives in my inbox, I know it’s for good reason. She’s not in the business of blogging just for “visibility” or wasting anyone’s time otherwise. Famous for her artistic brand identity visualizations (not one is like any other!), she’s a marketing model worth following.

But you don’t get to such an efficient level of business without learning plenty of lessons. The three lessons she shared at my Spotlight invitation (where you’re invited to share your marketing lessons, too)?

The first important lesson online was to treat [marketing] in the same way as I was marketing offline (I was doing offline marketing for a LOT longer) … make your services, intentions and pricing available.”

“Make your message and your goal SUPER clear.”

“The hardest lesson I learnt was to say no to clients and actually turn down people because they weren’t the right fit. It was hard to look beyond the money (but I got burned a couple of times, never to be repeated!)”

Short, sweet, and very important. Just the tip of the iceberg from Ameena; thank you, lady! And it just so happens today is Friday, so be sure to give @AmeenaFalchetto a follow on Twitter as well.

I hope to hear more marketing lessons from you all, because I believe your experiences can teach us all much more than any “how-to” post can. Your spotlight’s coming up next–just teach us something in the comments!

Photo credit: Joel Goodman, courtesy Flickr, CC 2.0.

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