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You Can Guess At Marketing, But Not Branding

I know: You're almost ready to launch your campaign, but all the new data keeps holding you back. You're turning the list of adjectives that makes up your client profile into a 3D, HD virtual ideal. You're visualizing those numbers one more time, sharpening the peaks...

Friday Marketing Spotlight: Samar Owais

When I met Dubai-based freelance blogger and ebook-writer Samar Owais on Twitter, I was sure she had a special recipe for success. She's got writing talent I recognize as being natural to her, but talent alone has no bearing on the success of a business. Yet Samar's...

What If Writer’s Block Didn’t Exist?

Yesterday was another thoughtful #WrMatters chat, during which Michelle Baker opened up a discussion about a current problem for her: procrastination and writer's block. We all know what it is, and anyone who's had trouble writing has tried all kinds of wacky tips to...

A Fast-Growing Business Allegory

I promised a few folks I'd post some pictures of the veggie garden I can't seem to stop tweeting about, but it took me a minute to figure out exactly how to incorporate them into this space. I think I found a way, so let me know what you think of this very loose...

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