"Hey Shakirah, where's your photo?"

twitter size My clients and colleagues live across the country and around the world. They’ve come to know me by the hard work I’ve put into their businesses, my extraordinary writing skills, and from my voice over the phone. All are satisfied with what matters most: their bottom line results, not my gorgeous smile! I’m sure it helps that they find me easy to talk to and work with.

The fact is, you can see me any time you want. Just schedule a Skype video call or Google Hangout to meet me in person.

Don’t do it just to see me, though. That would be awkward. How about getting a free, no-obligation website audit proposal? We’ll take 30 minutes to talk about what areas of your website you’d like to see improved. Then I’ll send you a proposal listing all the elements of your website I’ll check to help you make your existing website work harder… things you can fix to make your web presence far more competitive, and far more effective at bringing you business.

I’ll be very pleased to meet you, and I hope you’ll be pleased to meet me, too.

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Discover the five ways your firm's thought leadership content can shorten sales cycles, according to clients themselves. Download free: The 5 Most Coveted Content Characteristics According To Your Professional Services Clients.

What's inside?
Photo credit: “Marvel,” Cody Castro. Courtesy Flickr, CC 2.0.

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