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About Shakirah

Years ago, I was in love with science. As a biology student taking a break from school to begin paying off my student loans, I took a job at a brand new medical clinic.

Although I’d hoped to be trained as a medical assistant, I ended up working on the advertising material to introduce the clinic to the community. The special mailing cards, full-sized healthcare-themed calendar, health pamphlets, routine child health schedules, brochures and more were well received by the surrounding community.

While employed at the clinic, I bid on an online copywriting project one day. The client asked for a writing sample for a generic product. I sent it in and she loved it. She remained a client of mine for nearly 10 years. Others soon joined her, and I left the clinic soon afterward.

I was eventually hired into a full-time editorial position, and spent over nine years with the international consulting firm and federal contractor Danya International. I’ve experienced first-hand the pressures faced by team members as they work hard to provide the highest-quality service to current clients. I also understand from experience the challenge of finding the resources and available manpower to produce marketing collateral that brings in business beyond existing referral connections.

I became a main point of contact between my production team at Danya and our contracted developers, and was appointed to write instructional guide sheets on various functions of our software application for our team. I understand that software has needs and limitations that aren’t always obvious to users, saving a lot of “explaining time.” My rapport with the software team also sparked my interest in project management and user experience.

My student loans were paid long ago. I went on to enroll in direct-response and B2B training at the American Writers & Artists Institute–the industry leader in copywriter training programs–to become the up-to-date, on-demand resource specifically in tune with the content marketing needs of management and software consulting firms.

I still adore science, but until I’m able to study it leisurely, I’m content to keep it as a pet hobby.

Wishing you success,

Shakirah Dawud


Shakirah Dawud

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Photo credit: “Pen and Paper,” Ramunas Geciauskas. Courtesy, Flickr, CC 2.0.

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